Lynne Winslow and Neil Figurelli celebrated 20 years of Pool Tosses on October 7, 2015. Guests, celebrity tossees, sponsors, and members of the Tenderloin community came together at the Phoenix Hotel to help support the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation’s programs for children and families. The tossees of the night included:

  • Noreen Beiro, Enterprise Community Investment
  • Fred Blackwell, San Francisco Foundation
  • Tom Booher, PNC Bank
  • Stuart Canning, San Francisco Symphony
  • Kevin Carroll, Hotel Council of San Francisco
  • Kevin Causey, Saint Francis Foundation
  • Schuyler Hudak, C O R Media
  • Janet Riley, Clinic By The Bay
  • Susan Smartt, Related California Urban Residential

This year’s hosts included:

  • Cheryl Jennings, KGO-TV/ABC-7
  • Brian Copeland, Shaw Entertainment Group
  • J. Kirsch
  • Donna Sachet, Empress XXX
  • Liam Mayclem, KCBS