A Name For The Senses – The Origin of Our Name

In 2004, I spent a year planning and meeting with colleagues from South Korea as we prepared for the World Cyber Games. The Koreans had all adopted English names, so in the spirit of friendship our team adopted Korean names. I was known as Haiyan Bi – White Rain.

When Lynne Winslow and I agreed to partner and create a new brand for the business, I began to consider a name that might reflect the creativity, inspiration and human connection of what we do. The words White Rain came back to me and seemed to fit. White – a starting place, a blank page, wall, screen or canvas, a place where creativity and vision http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/ begins. The rain, brings growth, color, reflection – life. These words appeal to all of our senses and moments that connect us all – the sight of a clean white page before us, that moment of inspiration, the smell of a garden after the rain, a new journal, the taste of fresh fruit picked after the rain, the sounds of driving rain fast against the ground or gently falling drops on the leaves. There are endless possibilities of the imagination and that is what I want to create – events with endless possibilities, events that stimulate our senses, events that connect us in unforgettable moments.

Stay tuned and see what the rain will bring.

~ Trisha Ricci, Principal